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Story of the Outbreak

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Story of the Outbreak Empty Story of the Outbreak

Post by GreenKnight1294 Fri Jul 03, 2015 1:59 am

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In August of the year 2005, the peaceful country of Paradise Falls fell prey to what would soon be the epicenter of a worldwide pandemic. A new virus spread rapidly amongst the population and reached critical levels unexpectedly fast; it began with patients suffering flu-like symptoms and muscle fatigue, with their condition worsening to the point of crippling them in a deep coma. The new disease seemed impervious to any treatment, nullifying all efforts of a cure.

After a few days, some researchers had come to the conclusion that the virus was an evolved strain of rabies, but the knowledge was kept from the public and it didn't reach the news soon enough to avoid the impeding catastrophe. Merely hours after the first patients had been declared dead in a vegetative state, they started waking up from coma; soon, however, what was thought to be a miracle turned to be the city's downfall, as those were the last news these hospitals reported before cutting off transmissions to the outside. Days later, after forcibly isolating hospitals into quarantine from the mysterious pandemic, more and more infected people showed up with medical resources turning more and more scarse. Some people died unable to receive treatment and communications with all the medical facilities under quarantine were completely lost shortly after.

Medical Video About Rabies

As time passed, more medical facilities were overrun with patients and also quarantined. Soon and inevitably, there was mass histeria on the streets with naked, excessively salivating patients violently eating whoever stood near them. They were often brought down forcibly by the police, but it was soon known after the first few attacks the real state of these medical facilities, as for the reason they stopped communicating with the outside. Infected people, amongst doctors, patients, helpers and the hilariously terrifying moving body bags were seen breaking out of the quarantine and attacking people on the outside suddenly.

In under a day and before the military could react to it, the whole city was infested with violent, inhuman beasts, from former people to animals. When the police and the militia tried to contain the outbreak, with no knowledge that these "zombies", as some people quickly refered to them, were no longer human, they were quickly brought down trying to contain them with normal rioting procedures. Their weapons made to stun and protect turned inneffective and most of them also ended up joining the masses of the infected. The news didn't spread fast enough to save the people outside their homes; they were mostly dead by nightfall.

With the city population reduced to under 10% in a matter of days, everyone was forced to find refuge until the promised evacuation plans came from other countries offering to help, according to the news. To the refugees' dismay, however, the pandemic turned into a worldwide crisis soon after and the military resources were very limited and reserved mostly for the welfare of other countries. The few groups of external evacuators were quickly overrun by the unexpected welcoming masses of infected. During these days, it was common to hear isolated screams from the depths of a city now darkened with a permanent blackout. The news tried to be reassuring, telling the people at home through emergency radio or TV broadcasts to not lose hope and hold on until they were rescued, unbeknownst of the current situation inside; but, to the people living the nightmare loud and clear, their reality was obvious: they weren't going to be rescued anytime soon.

Meanwhile, in the cold, but welcoming safety of your bunker...

A myriad of days gone by after locking yourself up looking after your own safety, the streets seem to have calmed down and the resources you've managed to scrounge at home and from your presumably dead neighbors is finally depleting. The news broadcasts have suddenly stopped after repeatedly telling the civilians to leave the area if they can, and it seems more than obvious nobody's coming to solve this mess any time soon. You find yourself against a dire decision, with only 2 days worth of food and water, the only option is to go outside and loot for more, and inevitably run into those things currently squeezing horror into life from your most unthinkable nightmares.

Story of the Outbreak Survival_horror_03

You must come to a decision if you don't want to be another lost page on the history of mankind. Whether hell or heaven awaits at the end of your adventure, this is where your story begins.

Story of the Outbreak NnwdccY


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