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Fred's House

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Fred's House Empty Fred's House

Post by Eaglesaworb Fri Aug 07, 2015 7:49 am

Reference Picture:

Fredrick's House in relatively small and has three floors; The living floor, basement and attic. The basement is the strongest part of the house, made from thick concrete and has small metal framed windows. The rest of the house is made of wood but is still sturdy. There is enough space in the basement for three people to sleep and take shelter. The surroundings of the house include a small shed with a push bike inside it and a broken wooded fence, as well as a large forest surrounding the house. Fred's house is only one kilometer from the nearest town but is entirely invisible until you become very close because of the surround forest and bush land. The is a small gravel path from the house to the nearest road into town.

Residential- 50%
Commercial- 20%
Industrial- 30%

Boarded Windows and Doors

Stored Items:
-1x Push Bike
-1x Scrap
-2x Food
-1x Fuel/Batteries


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