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Jackson (WIP)

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Jackson (WIP) Empty Jackson (WIP)

Post by Magnustexaco Sat Mar 05, 2016 9:27 pm

Name: Jackson
Age: 28
Former occupation: Organic milk farmer

Jackson was a farmer, but when he weren't on his farm taking care of his cows, he were out in the woods, hunting big game with his crossbow and always making sure to get the arrow back and have a few to spare.
He weren't a doomsday prepper himself, but a few of his friends had suggested that he may stock up on some food and water, which he eventually did. When the news of the outbreak hit; which he had heard on the radio while feeding the cows, he quickly learned that he would be unable to feed his cows till it was over. Jackson then released all of the cows into the fields, just hoping the zombies wouldn't eat the cowss before he walked in and barricaded himself inside with all his stocked up food and water. He then spent a while just sitting inside and watching old movies and TV-shows which he had on DVD. He had a water mill which provided him power for the time being. Eventually he started running low on food, believing he had two days worth of food, at most; at this point the power went out and he figured it was time to get out of his home and into the world.

7 SP (Stamina Points)
1 AP (Armor Points)
2 SS (Scavenging Skills)
3 FP (Firearm Points)
2 MP (Melee Points)


Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow (Scope)

Rural farm


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