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Kuba DeLoria

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Kuba DeLoria Empty Kuba DeLoria

Post by Kubapajonczek Fri Jul 15, 2016 8:34 pm

Name: Kuba "Jackie the Snake" DeLoria(full name: Jakub Adam DeLoria, Kuba is short form of Jakub)
Kuba DeLoria Kuba_De_Loria_3
Age: 23
Former Occupation: Gas Station Worker
Background: Kuba DeLoria is son of an Italian-American man and a Polish woman. He has medium-long hair styled in an "elephant's trunk" hairstyle, white skin and he has heterochromia iridis - his right eye is green while left eye is blue.His outfit consists of light blue Levi's 501 jeans, black chuck taylor's with white front part, and plain white t-shirt with a denim shirt with popped collar over it and a black, studded, vintage biker jacket with a green and yellow snake patch on the back on top of t-shirt and denim shirt.

Kuba grew up in Paradise Falls with his friends and family. At age of 14 he joined a greaser gang, "The Paradise Serpents". Kuba was man to go for helping out his fellow gang members with any kind of trouble. He started working at a gas station with a friend around second year of high school. He always had talent for finding stuff. He lived in old tenements with his parents and sister. Around the age of 20 he picked up a hobby of collecting knives and handgun parts.
"Jackie" was always rebellious and wild, participating in street races on choppers, getting into street fights, skipping school, smoking since age of 16, smarting out to people just for the sake of it. However, he also had a nicer side - he cared deeply for his family and friends and was willing to do anything to protect them.

7 SP
2 AP
2 SS
2 FP
1 MP


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